Security Services

Commercial Office Building Security

Horizon Security understands the unique problems for securing life and property in the commercial building market. Whether a class A high-rise, suburban office park or a corporate office setting, there is no substitute for an effective security and firelifesafety program. To make both programs affective, competent personnel, awareness of the areas to be addressed and properly trained security personnel are essential.

Horizon works in concert with property managers to ensure a security program that fits their needs. Below are areas that we address directly through training:

  • Tenant Relations & Customer Service
  • Access Control – Building & Parking
  • Analog/Digital CCTV Monitoring
  • Interior and Exterior Patrol
  • Identification/Report of Unsafe Conditions
  • Security & Fire System Monitoring
  • Safety in the Parking Structure
  • Emergency Planning and Procedures
  • CPR/AED/First Aid Response

Residential Community Security


Horizon Security’s Ownership Team is highly regarded in the residential community market, because of their past experience as a unique security provider that has developed a formula to effectively address the particular concerns of residential gated and non-gated communities. Knowing that no community is exactly alike and each have unique concerns, Horizon collaborates with Home Owners Associations and Community Association Managers to identify critical security needs for their community and offers custom security solutions from access control to mobile patrols and technology solutions.

Horizon’s innovative approach to total security solutions integrates the most advanced technologies on the market with Horizon’s Security Officers to minimize risks and maximize resource allocation. Our Ownership Team’s experience enables us to effectively interface with a variety of security hardware & software, including those systems developed specifically for use by security personnel in gated communities. These include access control hardware, access control software, electronic reporting software for gatehouse and patrol, gatehouse and amenities center CCTV monitoring systems and more.

We realize that our quality service offerings are not based on lowest price, but rather delivering on uncompromising service and value to our customers.  Value can only be delivered if, for the price, it exceeds expectations for the customer. A significant part of this value equation is the ability of our Ownership Team to develop procedures, protocols, training programs and also partner with Law Enforcement to handle almost any security and safety concern in a residential security environment.

These areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Public Relations & Customer Service
  • Access Control – in person gate and remote gate
  • Traffic and HOA covenant/rule enforcement
  • Vehicle Patrol
  • Security & Fire System Monitoring (clubhouse & amenities)
  • Identification/Report of Unsafe Conditions
  • Analog/Digital CCTV Monitoring
  • Information Confidentiality / HIPPA Issues
  • CPR/AED/First Aid Response

Business & Industrial

From motels to hotels; from large shopping malls to shopping plazas; from national banks to local credit unions; from corporate campus settings to single office buildings; from industrial factories to local fabrication shops; from national logistics centers to regional shipping hubs , Horizon Security provides security guard services to businesses of all types, shapes and sizes.

Horizon Security is dedicated to providing premium security guard services and security solutions, so you can concentrate on what matters most — your successful business and its customers. It is very important that employees aren’t distracted about security concerns, that is best left to professional security contracting companies like Horizon. We are experienced and knowledgeable, from “Access Control to Patrol”, we are ready to push your company’s security program to the next level so you can focus on your business. At Horizon, Our Business is protecting Your Business.

Concierge / Condominium Security Services

Based on our many years of experience, Horizon Management has a clear understanding of the security nuances inherent in premier residential condominium communities. While many of the duties and responsibilities performed by security personnel are similar to commercial buildings, Horizon understands a concierge level of service is expected high-rise condominium security. At its heart, high rise condominium security is both business and personal, given its residential nature.

We know our security officers act as ambassadors and responsible for first impressions to our customers (e.g. residents, guests, vendors AND prospective owners). According to Dale Carnegie, one of the most important steps in creating positive first impression is meeting and greeting our customers energetically and professionally welcoming your customer. With Horizon, not only do we make a successful customer interaction possible, but more probable.

For all of our condominium clients, Horizon Ownership carefully assesses each client’s unique security requirements, ensuring that skilled professionals are matched most appropriately to specific roles and responsibilities. Customer services skills and people skills are paramount in our assessment.

Typical duties performed by Condominium Security personnel can include:

  • Owner Relations & Customer Service
  • Access Control – Building & Parking
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Interior and Exterior Patrol
  • Identification/Report of Unsafe Conditions
  • Security & Fire System Monitoring
  • Emergency Planning and Procedures
  • Partnering with the maintenance team required routine inspections
  • CPR/AED/First Aid Response

Government Agencies

The Horizon Security Ownership Team has extensive experience in hiring, managing, and training private security guards to perform a variety of duties on government owned property. Our background includes both assigned stationary personnel, gatehouse access control, receptionist duties, foot patrol and vehicle patrol. 

Here are a few examples of our experience:

  • County Courthouse
  • Juvenile Justice Center
  • County Administrative building
  • County/City Parks (Patrol)
  • Public Utilities
  • State and County Operations facility
  • Waste management
  • County Libraries

With this experience, Horizon Security is ready to respond to any government RFP need for security services with trained security personnel and our experienced management team.

Schools Pre K-12th/ Colleges

Unfortunately, our schools have come under attack from sick and deranged individuals who want to hurt what is most precious to us, our kids. At Horizon security, we provide armed security officers trained in active shooter situations. We want to accomplish three things with our service to secondary and higher education institutions:

  1. Make schools and colleges a safe place to go, and to give students and staff a peace of mind, that their school or college security staff is going to keep them safe while obtaining an education, or teaching.
  2. To serve as a deterrent to those who may be planning an attack. We want to put them on notice that violence against students and staff will not be tolerated and will be met by armed, and trained security personnel who are willing and able to act without hesitation to their attack.
  3. In the event of an active shooter situation, our goal is to minimize injury and casualties with strategically placed and trained armed security guards. To be direct, these guards are trained to intercept the attacker and end the attack before it even gets started.

Our children are our future and should keep their minds on learning, not running for their lives.

At Horizon Security, we are dedicated to keeping all children safe.

Want a proposal? Please call us to learn how we can protect you and your family where you live, work, go to school or play.