Security Officer Pay, “Can I Get That Raise?”

There are several misconceptions about security officer pay rates and the ability of a security company to give an officer a raise.  In this blog I will reveal the Three (3) different ways security officers can get a raise. 

I hear officers ask these questions all the time, “I just got my commission license when do I get commission pay?”  “I have worked here for Six months, when do I get a raise?”  “Can I get another dollar an hour, I have years of experience.”  All good questions, but the truth of the matter is, officer pay rate has already been determined in the contract with the client before the officer is assigned to the account.  Before going into the Three ways a security officer can get a raise, let me explain the thin margin security companies do business on, and how a raise for a security officer without extra funding, from the client, would affect profitability for the company.

Security companies run on an already low margin after taxes, liability and workers comp. insurance, uniforms and equipment, professional payroll services, and the biggest cost is employee payroll.  When you add advertising, office rent, and office supplies in the hourly billing rates the company profit, per hour, is low.  When bidding for a security contract, all the above costs are added which leaves very little room for profit without pricing your company out of a contract.  Security companies only make a couple of dollars profit per hour so a $1 or $1.50 raise would cut an already low profit margin in half, if not more.  This is very true when the security company is trying to pay a living wage, like Horizon Security, and not low ball their officers. Remember, security companies, like all businesses, must make a profit to survive.  

With that said, here are the Three (3) ways an officer can get a raise:

  1.  The officer changes accounts to one that pays more.  Or, when a commissioned officer working a non-commissioned account moves to a commissioned account, if that commission account pays more. 
  2. The officer gets a promotion.  This happens frequently when a site manager position opens up, an officer on that account, can be reassigned as the Account Manager.  With this type of promotion comes more responsibilities and more pay.    
  3. The client wants to give an officer a raise due to good performance.  This usually happens after a year of service for officers that are an asset to the account.  Clients want to keep the officer on the account and reward them with a raise.  In order for this to happen, the client has to pay for all costs, like additional taxes and insurance costs, that go along with an increase in pay.  This only happens for officers that show stellar performance because the client takes on an additional financial commitment.      

Things to remember when trying to get a raise:

  1. Be on time.
  2. Do your job and do it well.
  3. Write good reports, detail is good. 
  4. Always be professional during contact with people, this means everyone.  
  5. Appearance must be neat and clean.  From the uniform to personal grooming. 

It is up to you, the officer, to show your employer you are right for the promotion.  Or, to show the client you are worthy of a raise.  Good Luck! 

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